Vickie (shy_simplicity) wrote in tmobile_love,

Samsung Gravity 2 or Samsung Highlight?

This community looks like it hasn't been active for almost a year now, but I figured it's worth a shot.

I'm due for an upgrade soon and I'm torn between T-mobile's Samsung Gravity 2 and Samsung Highlight... particularly the Highlight right now because according to the T-mobile website, it's free with an upgrade and the Gravity 2 is $50.

While I'm loving the idea of the touch screen phone, some of the reviews I've read for the highlight are kind of bashing the call quality and the inability to keep the screen scratch-free even with ut-most care.

Keep in mind, I do not plan on getting a data plan/internet service and do not have MyFavs. I do text quite a bit, but it's not my entire life. lol

So, if any one can give me some feedback on either of these phones, and/or why one would be better than the other, I'd really appreciate it because I'm extremely torn right now. If it matters at all, I'm in the Henderson (Las Vegas, NV) area and go back to the San Francisco/San Jose, CA area every few months; so reception wise, I'm expecting both phones to have good quality service.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any info! :)
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