Wonder Woman (prettipoetic) wrote in tmobile_love,
Wonder Woman

Phone Choice...

 I've decided to break away from the family plan that I am on with my father and get my phone in my own name.   I was told by the T-Mo lady that if I wanted an upgrade (I'll be eligible for an upgrade in a few more days) I needed to do that first.  Otherwise I guess I'd be stuck with my Shadow for a while.  Well 3g hasn't gotten to my area yet (or most areas for that matter).  A lady in the T-Mo store here said 1st quarter 2009.  Not far away.  I kind of want the G1, but then I also like the Behold.  I just really don't like the design of the G1... feels kind of bulky to me.  But I like the idea of the Android platform and the Behold just didn't seem to really interest me when I was playing with it in the store.  Anyone have these phones? If so what do you think?
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