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Samsung Gravity® TXT [27 Oct 2011|02:50pm]


SAMSUNG GRAVITY TXT 4 SALE-- I bought it but it is not practical for me; I probably need to use a basic archaic phone!  Make me an offer (I would love to get $150) I have the car charger and the headphones and the gel case along with the acrylic protective cover.
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Samsung Gravity 2 or Samsung Highlight? [30 Nov 2009|07:19pm]

This community looks like it hasn't been active for almost a year now, but I figured it's worth a shot.

I'm due for an upgrade soon and I'm torn between T-mobile's Samsung Gravity 2 and Samsung Highlight... particularly the Highlight right now because according to the T-mobile website, it's free with an upgrade and the Gravity 2 is $50.

While I'm loving the idea of the touch screen phone, some of the reviews I've read for the highlight are kind of bashing the call quality and the inability to keep the screen scratch-free even with ut-most care.

Keep in mind, I do not plan on getting a data plan/internet service and do not have MyFavs. I do text quite a bit, but it's not my entire life. lol

So, if any one can give me some feedback on either of these phones, and/or why one would be better than the other, I'd really appreciate it because I'm extremely torn right now. If it matters at all, I'm in the Henderson (Las Vegas, NV) area and go back to the San Francisco/San Jose, CA area every few months; so reception wise, I'm expecting both phones to have good quality service.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any info! :)
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Phone Choice... [05 Dec 2008|08:09pm]

 I've decided to break away from the family plan that I am on with my father and get my phone in my own name.   I was told by the T-Mo lady that if I wanted an upgrade (I'll be eligible for an upgrade in a few more days) I needed to do that first.  Otherwise I guess I'd be stuck with my Shadow for a while.  Well 3g hasn't gotten to my area yet (or most areas for that matter).  A lady in the T-Mo store here said 1st quarter 2009.  Not far away.  I kind of want the G1, but then I also like the Behold.  I just really don't like the design of the G1... feels kind of bulky to me.  But I like the idea of the Android platform and the Behold just didn't seem to really interest me when I was playing with it in the store.  Anyone have these phones? If so what do you think?
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For sale: W490 [05 Sep 2008|12:50pm]


Stock photo

I got a W490 from T-Mobile about 6 months ago, but didn't like it as much as I did my RAZR and had to go back to my RAZR.

It is used, but in perfect working condition. It has a few scratches on the casing, but nothing bad and you don't notice them unless you're really looking. The battery lasts for days, and I was actually only charging it every 2-3 days.

Includes the home charger, car charger, and leather belt clip/case.

[eBay listing] Starting bid $50.00 + $7 shipping.
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[21 Aug 2008|06:01pm]

 BRAND NEW unlocked Pink LG shine KE970!!  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=320288856750
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[07 Aug 2008|09:41am]

I have full internet on my second line with tmobile.
The salespeople at the stores I have tried to buy a laptop in seem to believe that the only wireless alternative to hotspots like starbucks is verizon!!!!
Is there such a thing as a laptop that does not need an aircard purchased to hold my tmo sim card?

aircard is gng to cost me another $200 on top of my laptop purchase & i'm not happy about any of this.

advice, suggestions, ideas, etc requested please!
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T-Mobile Dash [05 Aug 2008|12:14pm]

i have a 4-month old T-Mobile Dash for sale.
4-month old LIKE NEW T-Mobile Dash with 2GB MicroSD card.
i'm asking $165 (OR BEST OFFER) because of the size of the SD card.
VERY gently used.
including original charger, box, paperwork, etc.
it's a lovely windows mobile smart-phone, blue-tooth capabilities and i quite enjoyed it.

feel free to email me with further questions about details @ careahhhh@gmail.com

if interested, i can email you pictures of the actual phone.
Shipping will be calculated depending where you live!
i really need this gone! school starts soon and books are SO expensive.

[mods; if this is not allowed, delete!]
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Samsung Blast VS. T-Mobile Sidekick Slide™ [24 Jul 2008|10:30pm]


Hey there :) Right now I have a motoRAZR (Miami INK collection) and I somehow lost the back of it (the cover for the battery and SIM)... and I'm wanting a new phone! I'm really interested in the Sidekick but a lot of people tell me that it has a lot of disadvantages and should get the Samsung Blast.

All suggestions and comments appreciated <3
And please, please, please let me know if your selling either phones!
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[20 Jul 2008|03:50pm]

i have a samsung black & silver flippy phone and for some reason my "myfaves" won't update. any reason why this is?
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M D A [14 Jul 2008|11:15am]

Does anyone have an MDA battery to sell or give me? After tons of use, mine just is not holding a charge anymore.
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hola [06 Jun 2008|11:26pm]

Hey everyone, I'm Kris, and I use T-Mobile prepaid (which I'm not too fond of their prepaid service...). I have a Nokia XpressMusic 5300 and I absolutely love it, but i'm about to switch back to Cricket mobile, and can't find a phone anywhere like it.
I love how you can upload ANYTHING to your phone by usb, and you can also set the mp3's you upload as ringtones...anyone know of a phone comparable to the XpressMusic 5300?
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Razr [02 Jun 2008|04:02pm]

Hey all,
I've been with TMobile for 2 years now, and just this past November extended my contract when I a friend spilled beer all over my Razr. So I bought the W490. It's ok, but I much prefer the Razr.

Anyone have an extra one just laying around? All the ones on ebay are ridiculously expensive, since it is kind of an old phone. I'm watching a few, but would much rather just get one :)

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[27 May 2008|02:15am]

hey everyone! i'm selling a used sidekick ID with 6 more colored bumpers

check it out!
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NOKIA 5300 [24 May 2008|07:02pm]

My husband killed his fixing MY vehicle. No other phone is good enough and Tmo stopped selling this Nokia.

Do you have a Nokia5300 to sell?
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[18 Apr 2008|08:23am]

Does anyone use the Blast to email? I was told you'd need a 19.99 web feature added on to use the email..but the way the phone is advertised, it sounds like you wouldn't need an add-on feature.. Help?
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nokia 5300 [15 Apr 2008|06:30pm]

[ mood | desperate ]

I hate to beg but...
My husband has a Nokia5300. He has totally used up/destroyed the hands free device that was included with his phone.

I can't find one anywhere locally to replace it.

If you have one that we could have please let me know-actually just mail it to us at
po box 157
suffern, Ny 10901

thx so much.

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TRADING SIDEKICK 3 [13 Apr 2008|12:39am]

Hello :)
I've had my Sidekick since November of 2007
It's in mint condition, no damages, scratches, or flaws.

If anyone is trading phones, my phone is up!
I have pictures, email me at sincerelyellen@yahoo.com for them.

Ecspecially if you are selling blackberry's sidekick LX samsungs or anything please contact me if you want to trade for a sidekick 3, plus money if you want (we can talk details)

Thanks !
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[07 Apr 2008|08:17am]

I'm thinking about getting a new phone..my current one is starting to break. :/

I'm looking at the Samsung Blast, maybe the Samsung Beat though I'm not big into flip phones, or possibly the Rizr Z3. I've never had a Motorola phone though so I'm hesitant.

Thoughts, info, complaints?
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Sidekick Questions.... [19 Mar 2008|07:09pm]

Anyone who has the Sidekick Slide or the LX.... do you still have to buy your ringers from TMo or have they added the ability to make your own yet?  I switched from the SK3 to the Shadow, and I love being able to make my own ringers, and if I decide to go back to the SK, it will only be if I don't have to keep paying for ringers.
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[17 Jan 2008|09:54pm]

is anybody selling a blackberry curve? i'm looking to buy one, but would rather not pay the $450 because i'm not eligible for an upgrade.
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